Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday 11/15/11

Okay, it’s “Tackle It Tuesday” again!

My task this week is something I've been behind on for way too long now!  Organizing my photo albums and scrapbooking!  I finally printed off all of my prints (thanks to the awesome FREE Walgreens deals posted last week), but now I have TONS of pictures to sort through, place in albums and then begin scrapbooking.  I'm so behind I feel like I'll never get finished with this task, but I have to start somewhere!

Honestly, it's one of those tasks that I don't really enjoy and that's why I keep procrastinating!  I WANT to do it so I'll have great scrapbook memories to look back in the years to come, but I just don't have as much fun scrapbooking as some women do....at least from what I hear! :)  

Sooooo, this week I'm going to sort through those photos and put them in albums.  I'm also going to go ahead and pull the photos I plan to use in my scrapbook.  Then next week (hopefully) I'll get around to actually doing the scrapbooks!

Good luck!

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