Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's Shopping Trips to 3 Stores!

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but it's been several weeks (about 3-4) since I've posted a shopping trip!   I really haven't been shopping hardly any the past few weeks because we've had a lot going on, plus my stockpile was pretty large so I was trying to use some of it instead of continuing to add to it!  

Today, however, my girls and I went out shopping armed with our coupons!

We went to Apple Market, Nichols and Walmart and I'll include all three store details in this post below:

First, we stopped at Apple Market for just a few items:

(1) Lawry's Marinade, used $1/1 from inserts = FREE
(1) Wet Ones Wipes, used $.75/1 from inserts = $.50
(3) Red Gold Stewed Tomatoes, used $.75/3 previously available = $.29 each
(4) Del Monte Green Beans, used $1/4 HERE = $.39 each
(3) Red Gold Diced Tomatoes, used $.75/3 previously available = $.09 each
(1) Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat, used $1/1 from inserts = $.99

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $15.56
Total amount AFTER coupons :: $4.19 (plus $.87 tax)

Total savings: 74%

Next we decided to head on into Nichols....

(4) Ortega Black Beans, used $1/2 HERE = FREE
(2) Cheerios, used $.75/1 previously available = $1.00 each
(2) Yakisoba noodles, used $.50/1 from inserts = $.09 each
(1) Country Crock Spread, used $1/1 HERE = FREE
(2) Crystal Light Drink Mix, used $2/1 previously available = FREE
(2) Bumble Bee Tuna, used $1/2 HERE = $.05 each
(2) Extra Gum, used $.50/2 HERE = $.59 each
(1) McCormick Grill Mates Spice, used $.75/1 from inserts = FREE
(8) Del Monte Veggies, used $1/4 HERE = $.39 each
(2) Cain's Tea, used $1/2 HERE = $.25 each

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $34.18
Total amount AFTER coupons :: $8.08 (plus $2.10 tax)

Total savings: 77%

And finally, we had to run into Walmart to grab some toilet paper with the coupons I'd been holding onto for about a week....

(3) White Cloud 12 roll Bath Tissue, used $2.50/1 previously available = $2.87 each (which divides out to just $.24 per double roll)  Great price!

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $17.59
Total amount AFTER coupons :: $8.61 (plus $1.46 tax)

Total savings: 62%

So, after about a month long break from shopping and couponing, it felt good to get back in the swing of things.  My total amount spent for the whole day was ONLY $19.34 (plus $4.40 tax) for a total of $23.74.  That's for $67.33 worth of items!  Not too bad!  

(If you can't tell, I'm a math geek!  I always like to know how much I spent vs. how much I saved!  It helps to keep me motivated to keep clipping, organizing, and making my lists each week!)

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