Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Eat From the Pantry Challenge" Meal Update

Looks like it’s time for another Pantry Challenge update…  Is anyone still going along with me on this journey?  J  I have to admit we’ve had a few cheats again!  It’s hard not to eat out at all—especially when you have to be out and about!

The girls and I were gone all day long visiting the Children’s museum.  We ate breakfast before we left, but we had to buy our lunch there, so we spent some money out of our budget.

When we got home I whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast and we had ‘breakfast’ for dinner. 

Cereal for breakfast….

This day was a tough one!  It seemed like my husband and I both had a million and one things to do.  We had to go out to the church to take care of several things, so we picked the girls up a happy meal on the way out (yes, we cheated again)…..  And we had some burritos.

For supper, I was needing to practice my Pampered Chef Wedding Shower meal.  So, I made Chicken, Tomato & Pesto Flatbread Pizza.  We did have to go to the grocery store to buy a few of these ingredients, but since it was from my Pampered Chef business money it doesn’t come from our weekly budget.


I made sausage, homemade biscuits, gravy and eggs for breakfast!  Not sure what all came over me to make such an elaborate breakfast!  J

For lunch, I was out at a Ladies’ Luncheon at our church and then a Pampered Chef Wedding Shower.  My husband made Hot Dogs for him and the girls….and gave them some bananas and grapes…I hope, anyway.  That’s what I had planned.

For supper, I had a Chicken & Rice Casserole already made and in the freezer.  We'll just pull it out and bake it, heat up some veggies and have a delicious freezer meal!


Cereal for breakfast.  We’re always in a hurry on Sundays.

For lunch we will be having a Pork Loin cooked in the Deep Dish Covered Baker for 15 minutes in the microwave.  The Pork Loin is from my freezer.  I also heat up some veggies (green beans, corn, or something)….

For supper on Sunday nights we always try to do something easy since we have to eat pretty quick after church and get the girls to bed.  We’ll probably come home and have sandwiches or leftovers.

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