Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Eat From the Pantry Challenge" Weekend Meal Update

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve updated you all on our Pantry Challenge….and to be completely honest, I have to admit we’ve cheated just a bit.  J  We’ve been out away from home celebrating graduations and Mother’s Day so we’ve eaten out a few times when we should have eaten at home from our Pantry!

Here’s just a quick update on our meals….


Breakfast—Cereal and Fruit

Lunch—My 3 year old went on a date with her daddy to McDonald’s, but the little one and myself just ate some leftovers and yogurt and fruit at home.

Supper—We visited my parents for Mother’s Day and ate there instead of at home.


Breakfast—Yogurt and Milk

Lunch—We were in another town getting ready to attend a graduation so we ate out.  Chinese food.  Unfortunately that money came out of our budget since we “cheated” on the Pantry challenge. 

Supper—We visited my husband’s parents for Mother’s Day and ate there instead of at home.


Breakfast—My husband and the men of our church had a Men’s Breakfast early at the church.  He brought us home leftovers to eat.

Lunch—I had a Pampered Chef party, the fam just ate whatever they could find.  J

Supper—Spaghetti and Meatballs from the Pantry with some Rhodes Garlic rolls from the freezer.



Lunch—I had planned to cook something from the Pantry, but the hubby wouldn’t let me since it was Mother’s Day, so he ordered pizza—once again cheating on our Pantry challenge!

Supper—We’ll probably come home from church tonight and eat leftover pizza or spaghetti.

Starting tomorrow, I plan to do much better following the Pantry Challenge.  I have all of the menu ideas typed up and printed out for me to use.  Overall, we still did pretty well sticking to our budget.  Even though we didn’t eat at home a lot, we really only ate out a couple of times.  Since we ate at home early in the week we still had the money in our budget, now we just don’t have any extra saved like I had wanted.

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