Sunday, May 27, 2012

Facebook Changes Again :: Never Miss A Deal (Learn How to Keep Seeing Our Posts!)

I’ve been noticing lately some major changes going on with the way Facebook is handling pages and the people who interact with them.  If you have “liked” my page, The Frugal Family Life, you may or may not have noticed a decrease in content showing up in your newsfeed.  I know I have noticed a huge decrease in traffic on my site since these changes have occurred.

Once new thing Facebook is implementing is charging page owners a certain amount to “promote” each post.  When the page owner pays to “promote,” the content is supposed to show up in more of the fans’ newsfeeds.  The prices to promote the posts range anywhere from $5-$300 PER POST!  Since I post multiple times a day there is just no way I could afford to pay each time I post a valuable coupon or deal.  Today, it showed me that my average reach was just between 5-10% of my fans….that means that only about 400 of my over 4,000 fans are seeing my posts each time.  To a page owner, like me, this news is pretty disappointing.

So what can we do to correct this issue?  Since I can’t afford to pay for each post that I want to put up, here are a couple of ideas for you to see all of my content without missing a deal:

1.       The number one best way to ensure that you will see our posts is to click “like” or comment on each and every post that you see.  The more interaction you have with the page, the more content you will see in your newsfeed.

2.      Make an “Interests List” on Facebook.  Go to our Facebook page and click on the arrow beside the “Message” link.  You should see a drop down box where you have the choice to add my page to your interest list.  Once you’ve done this you can add as many pages/people to this list that you would like.  I have already created a list if you would like to subscribe to this one, just click on the link and then click subscribe.  After you’ve done the above, if you want to see the posts in your interest list it will show up on the left hand side of your home page.  You can click on it from there to see all the latest updates.

3.     Finally, the third way that you can make sure not to miss any deals is by subscribing to our daily newsletter.  You will receive ONE email per day that includes all of that day’s blog posts.  It comes around 3:00 pm and you’ll be able to catch up on any missed deals at that time.

Hope that helps you figure out some of the facebook changes that have been happening.  Please feel free to share this information with your friends as well so they, too, can know how to keep up with their favorite facebook pages!

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