Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Walmart Shopping Trip!!

This morning my girls and I got around early for Sunday School and decided to get our coupon shopping done before church.  I had some GE light bulb coupons that were set to expire today, so I wanted to be sure to use them!

I ended up finding the GE Energy Efficient bulbs (4 pack) priced at only $1.68!  My coupons were for $2/1, so I was pumped!  I had 6 coupons, so that meant I would end up with about $1.92 in overage after buying my 6 packages of light bulbs.  We ran out of bananas yesterday, so I decided to pick some up for free with my overage!

Here's the picture:  

Needless to say, I ended up with 24 light bulbs and 6 bananas and only had to pay $.63 (which was less than the tax amount!)  My subtotal before tax was a negative -$.43!

I don't think we'll be running out of light bulbs anytime soon!  The checkout lady asked me if all my light bulbs went out in my house at once!  :)

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  1. You don't have any trouble using internet coupons that don't have the UPC code on them? WalMart will not take them for me, so I just quit printing them.

  2. Hi Jess,

    Honestly, I don't shop at walmart often enough to even notice or have trouble with them. This was the first time I'd been there in awhile, but there were no issues at all. The cashier just typed them in without saying anything. The coupons still have a barcode though, just not the two separate barcodes....It's a new dot bar scan coupon that is going to be implemented everywhere soon. Even some of the inserts from the paper are like this now. It's to cut down on fraud. However, the stores are going to have to update their systems to be able to scan them.