Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Homeschool Pre-K Daily Schedule!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of our new homeschool room.  I just thought I'd let you all know just a little more of our plan.

I've been working on a daily schedule for us to follow.  If you haven't figured out by now I'm sort of OCD when it comes to organization and scheduling (and probably other stuff too!  Ha)!  I like to have a plan.  In fact, I have to have a plan or I can't function. So, I made us a schedule to follow.  Now, I know that with a preschooler and a toddler we won't be able to stick to this exactly every day--if ever!  But, even if we aren't right on schedule, I still plan to use this as a guide--routine.  If we're a few minutes off it doesn't really matter, I'm just going to use this as my plan to help me know what order to do things in.

So, just in case you're interested in a sample preschool homeschool schedule, here is the one I came up with for our family.

A few months back I had already made a weekly schedule for myself to keep me on track and productive so I had to update it as well to work with the homeschool schedule.  Here's an example of our days here at home.

I spent a lot of time searching online for sample homeschool schedules and couldn't really find any that fit my plan, so if you're like me and have been searching for some ideas I hope this can help you a little.

We will be starting 'school' on Monday!! I'm so excited!  I'll keep you posted on how things are going and our curriculum choices soon!

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  1. thanks for posting this. I was looking for schedules ideas for my son and couldn't really find any either until I found this. It seems like a good one to follow. Especially since you know you won't always be able to follow it

  2. Thanks this helped a lot. I was looking online for things to do and it was really expensive. Again, thanks for the free insider.

  3. yes, I was also looking for things for my son, and everything is just so darn expensive, so i really appreciate this.

  4. I've been trying to figure out a schedule that will work with my preschooler and toddler. This is a great starting spot!
    I was trying to look at your example of a day at your house and the file won't open, am I doing something wrong?