Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's Nichols Trip :: Just $22 (Includes 10lb Ground Beef)!

Next, we ran into Nichols for just a few things.  I wanted to stock up on some ground beef because it was a great price (at least compared to Walmart)....

This time there were some issues at checkout.  For some reason, none of my coupons doubled to $2. Instead, every one of them just took off $1.67.  They ended up having to suspend the transaction and redo it so my receipt is not as detailed as I think I ended up getting a little more overage on things than I would have if it would have been done correctly, so the numbers are a little off this time, but here they are anyway...

(1) Tyson Anytizers, $2.50--used $1/1 HERE (no size restrictions) = $.50 each

(1) Pepsi Next, $1.25--used $.50/1 peelie on bottle = $.25 (the coupon did double)

(1) Herbal Essences, $2.99--used FREE coupon from mail = FREE

(1) Purex Crystals, $5.50--price matched from May's for $2.00--used $1/1 from inserts = FREE

(3) Pop Tarts, $1.67 each--used $1/3 from inserts = $1.00 each

(4) Libby's Veggies, $.89--used $1/4 previously available = $.39 each

(5) Del Monte Veggies, $.89--used $1/5 previously available = $.49 each

(2) Malt O Meal Cereal, $1.50 each--used $1/2 HERE = $.50 each!

(2) Bumble Bee Tuna, $1.27--used $1/2 from Recyclebank = $.27 each

(2) Quaker Chocolate Chip Cookies, $.69 each--used $1/2 previously available = FREE

(1) Kraft Singles, $2.99--price matched to Apple Market for $2.49--used $1/1 HERE = $.49!

(1) 10lb roll of ground beef, $17.04

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $56.03

Total amount AFTER coupons :: $22.45 (plus $3.21 tax)

If you subtract my meat off of my total that leaves me with just having to pay $5.41 plus tax for everything else in the picture!  That's a pretty good trip, I think!!  :)

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