Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today's Shopping Trips :: Only $1.68 Spent!

After we finished with school this morning, I decided to run out for a few things from Nichols and Apple Market!  I really wasn't that excited about the deals--or lack there of this we just bought a few things!  However, what we did get were still great deals!!

Here's what we bought at Nichols:

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars, $2.00--used $1/1 HERE = FREE

(4) Libby's Vegetables, $.89 each--used $1/4 previously available = $.39 each

(2) Taco Bell Refried Beans, $1.09--used $1/2 from tearpad = $.09 each

(1) Bounty Napkins, $1.19--used $1/1 from mail = FREE

(1) Bounty Paper Towels reg $2.25, price matched to Walgreens for $1.79--used $1/1 from mail = FREE

Total amount BEFORE price matching and coupons :: $12.21

Total amount paid for all items above AFTER coupons :: $1.33!!  (That's including tax)!

That's a savings of 90%!

**Just in case you're wondering, there was overage on the Bounty coupons which allowed my total to go down lower than it normally should have (I did inform them of it, but they said it would be okay this time).  This gave me about $1.12 of wiggle room.  :)

After Nichols, we ran into Apple Market for a super quick trip!  I just wanted to get a few FREE things:

Here's what we bought:

(2) BIC Pencils, $.99 each--used $1/2 = FREE

(2) BIC Pens, $.50 each--used $1/2 = FREE

(3) Taco Bell Taco Seasoning Mix, $.69 each--used $1/3 = $.07 for all 3

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $5.35

Total amount AFTER coupons :: $.35 (my subtotal was only $.07--$.28 of that was tax)!

That's a savings of 94%!

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  1. I am new to the coupon world and I finally found your blog, which includes Apple Market...YAY! I just have a question. When you went to Apple Market today how did you get the BIC pencils for free if they were $.99 and your coupon was $1/2? I am just wondering how I can make that work for me. Thanks!!

    1. Hi, great question! Apple Market doubles coupons up to $1---so that $1/2 coupon essentially becomes $2/2. So I purchased two of the $.99 items which came to $1.98 and then got $2 off with the coupon (after it doubled). :)

      Double coupons are the best. Let me know if you have any other questions!