Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today's Nichols Shopping Trip :: Includes 10lbs Ground Beef!

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I've been on a shopping trip to Nichols or Apple Market.  Honestly, I just haven't really seen any deals worth going in for.  But, last week they had ground beef on sale for just $1.69/lb which is a great price since it's over $3 per pound everywhere else!  So, since today was the last day of that sale, I went on in to pick that up plus a few more deals.

Here's what we bought:

(1) 10lb bag potatoes, $1.98

(2) Chicken Chimichangas, $1.33 each---used $3/2 previously available = FREE

(2) Best Choice Chunk Cheese, $1.67 each

(2) No Yolks Noodles, $2.49 each--used $1/2 previously available = $1.49 each

(3) Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, $1.25 each--used $1/3 HERE = $.58 each

(2) Malt-O-Meal Cereal Boxes, $1.67--used $1/2 HERE = $.67 each

(3) Hamburger Helper, $1.00--used $.75/3 from inserts = $.50 each

(2) Libby's Canned Fruit, $1.25--used $1/2 from inserts = $.25 each

(2) Bush's Baked Beans, $1.99--used $1/2 previously available = $.99 each

(1) Bounty Napkins, $1.19--used $.25 from inserts = $.69

(1) Old El Paso Taco Mix, $.79--used $.50/1 previously available = FREE

(1) Yakisoba Noodles, $1.09--used $.50/1 from inserts = $.09

(1) Hormel Pepperoni Slices, $2.00--used $.55/1 previously available = $.90

(1) approximate 10lb roll ground beef--$15.82 ($1.69/lb)---compare this to $3.82/lb at Walmart!  This same roll would have cost me $38.20!!

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $53.24 (would have cost $75.62 if you factor in the huge sale on the ground beef)!

Total amount AFTER coupons :: $29.99 (plus $3.82 tax) = $33.81!

That's a savings of 39%.....or 61% if you factor in the ground beef savings!! That's not counted in the before coupons or the savings percentage because the meat was on sale--not with coupons.  

Overall, I think it was a great trip considering more than half of my total was the ground beef and even it was an awesome price!

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