Friday, September 7, 2012

Walgreens :: New Balance Reward Card! Sign Up TODAY!

You’ve most likely already heard that Walgreens is now offering a new loyalty card to customers!  This is officially beginning September 16th, but we can actually go ahead and sign up now online now!  I just filled out the short form to get my account started!  

Basically, starting September 16th, we will be able to earn points for purchasing certain items in the weekly ad.   We will be able to check our point balance at the store, on our phones or online.

We can also earn 500 points for most prescriptions filled at Walgreens, as well as 10 points for every mile you walk through Walk With Walgreens.  
As long as you make a purchase at Walgreens at least once every six months, your points will not expire for three years!!

As of right now, Register Rewards are not going to completely disappear.  I have read some reports that they will be phasing them out, so we will just have to wait and see!  In the meantime, if we combine the points system our card provides as well as the Register Rewards, we will still be able to get some very nice deals at Walgreens.  

Sign up for your Walgreens Balance card so you can starting earning points too!

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