Monday, November 19, 2012

New Couponers Read This Post! :)


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the coupon class this evening!  I hope that I was able to inspire some of you to start (or continue) saving money. But, I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you all.  It was such an encouragement to me!  

Even if you weren’t able to attend the fun coupon class last night, this post will still really help you get started here on The Frugal Family Life!

First of all, here is the series I was telling you about that you should read. I wrote about a year ago.  It’s basically just a series on getting started with coupons! 

·        Part 1--Why should I use coupons? What exactly is couponing? Can I really save money if the store brand is cheaper? All the coupons are for products I don't buy, should I clip them anyway?
·        Part 2--What should I do to get started?
·        Part 3--Where can I find coupons?
·        Part 4--Organizing Coupons and Learning the Language.
·        Part 5--Let's Go Shopping
·        Part 6--What should I do when my coupons expire?
·        Part 7--When should I use my coupons?
·        Part 8--How do you have time to use coupons?

Here are also the links to most recent store matchups and my most recent shopping trips.  You can always find the links to my store matchups on the right side bar of the blog, near the top of the page.

My Recent Shopping Trips -hopefully this will motive you!

Another great service is Groupon. They have several nice daily deals in our area. You may want to sign up for their emails for free here. I do try to post the deals that I think might interest you so you don’t miss out.

I also mentioned other frugal ideas to save money, such as, Homemade Laundry Detergentsoftenerbaby food & cleaners.  You can go HERE to read more about other DIY frugal ideas.

If you would like to subscribe to the The Frugal Family Life email updates you may do so at this link. This is just a daily e-mail that has all of the deals I posted from the whole day, so you will never miss a deal.

I hope this post helps you in your beginning days of your coupon adventure. Please contact me here if you have any questions. If you have Facebook, I do suggest you become a fan of The Frugal Family Life page for more support from other couponers and to stay updated on the very latest deals.

Happy Saving!

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