Monday, January 28, 2013

My Shopping Trips :: How I Spent $37 Instead of $73!!

Last week my youngest had the flu so we were pretty much stuck indoors for the past several days!  I was itching to get out and about and pick up some coupon deals, so we headed out for a few stops!

First we went to Apple Market.  I had a rain check for Angel Soft toilet tissue from a few weeks back when it was on sale.  So, I went in to pick that up and use my coupons.....

The regular price for this tissue is $6.99, but I had a rain check from when it was 2 for $10, so I paid $5 each.  I also used (2) $1/1 coupons previously available.  The first one doubled, the second one did not, making the tissue just $3.50 each.  That's only $.29 per double roll which comes out to just $.15 per single!  That's a fantastic price for toilet tissue!

My total amount BEFORE coupons and rain check :: $14.81

Total amount AFTER coupons and rain check :: $7.83!

Next, we headed over to Nichols for some price matching!  With all of those good coupons from this weekend and some nice sale ads too, there were a couple of good deals I wanted to get today.  (I plan on going back for more later this week when I have time to get a more detailed shopping list ready....this was just a quick trip).

(2) Jars Ragu, $1.50 each--used $.40/2 from inserts = $1.10 each PLUS, I got FREE pasta with the in-ad coupon for buying 2 Ragu

(2) Cheez-it crackers, $2.99 each--price matched to Family Dollar for $1.67 each--used $1/2 from inserts = $.67 each wyb 2

(1) Minute Rice, $2.39--used $.60/1 previously available (I've been waiting on a sale, and never saw one, but the coupon expires in just a couple of days and we eat a lot of rice, so I went ahead and used it) = $1.19

(1) Lipton Tea, $2.00--used $.50/1 from inserts = $1.00

(1) Hefty Trash Bags, $6.99--price matched to Family Dollar for $4.50--used $1/1 previously available = $2.50!

(1) Pasta = FREE with in-ad coupon when you buy 2 Ragu

(1) Wishbone Dressing, $2.00--used $.70/1 from inserts = $.60

(1) 5lb bag potatoes = $1.39 (we needed these for dinner tonight)!

(3) Best Choice Shredded Cheese = $1.67 (good price for cheese)

Total amount BEFORE coupons and price matching :: $31.63

Total amount AFTER coupons and price matching :: $17.10

And finally, we had to go into Walmart.  I had a few "FREE" coupons to use for products that I couldn't find in the other stores.  Here's what we bought:

(4) Edge Shave Gel, $2.44 each--used BOGO HERE = $1.22 each

(2) Suave Dry Shampoo, $2.88 each (I was completely out and needed some otherwise I would have waited on a better price)--used $.50/2 from inserts = $2.63 each

(3) Purex Baby Detergent, $2.97 each--used (3) FREE coupons I received from Purex = FREE for all 3 bottles!

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $26.67

Total amount AFTER coupons :: $12.38!

So overall, counting all 3 of my trips today, here are my totals:

BEFORE coupons ::  $73.11

AFTER coupons :: $37.31 

For a total savings of $35.80!!  Not too bad for one day of shopping using coupons!

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