Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today's Shopping Trips to Nichols & Apple Market!

The past couple of months I have to be honest and say that I haven't done much coupon shopping.  With the busyness of the holidays, sickness that's going around, and just being unmotivated from lack of deals/coupons and pregnancy symptoms....I haven't done a whole lot of shopping.  We pretty much have used a lot of what we had at home and just picked up what we needed when we were out and about.

However, as part of my New Year goals, I decided to get back on the wagon of coupon shopping.  I need to be more focused on how to save our family money, and this has been a huge factor in that area.  So, with all that said, I cleaned out my coupon box, and organized this past weeks coupons and planned today's trip.

We went to Apple Market and Nichols.  There weren't a whole lot of "good" deals this week, in my opinion.  But, there were enough "okay" deals for me to go ahead and get back at it.  Plus, since we've used up a lot of our stockpile from lack of shopping, I am needing to rebuild it. 

Here's what we bought at Nichols:

(1) Bag of Russet Potatoes, $1.59--we have challenged ourselves to eat at home more often, and potatoes are a cheap side item to add to meals!

(6) Healthy Balance Old Orchard Apple Juice, $1.50 each--used (3) BOGO coupons previously available = $.75 each

(3) Kraft Mac & Cheese, $1.49, used $1/3 from inserts = $.82 each....(my girls love mac & cheese and we had used all we had except one box....usually I would wait on a better price)

(1) Doritos, $2.00--no coupon, but nice price for this brand and these are my hubby's favorite.

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $18.54

Total amount AFTER coupons :: $12.04

*Like I said above, not the greatest savings percentage, but since the deals weren't that great and I'm just now getting back in the game, that's to be expected!  At least I was able to get 6 bottles of juice!

Apple Market ::

(10) Totino's Frozen Party Pizzas, $1.25--used (2) $1/5 HERE = $.85 each

(1) Jack's Frozen Pizza, $4.05--used $.75/1 previously available = $2.55--normally I would have waited for a sale, but the coupon expired in just a couple of days and this is our favorite brand!

(2) Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice, $1.99--used 1 BOGO previously available = $.99 each

(1) Angel Soft 12 Double Rolls Toilet Tissue, $5.00--used $.45/1 from inserts = $4.10

(8) cans of Campbell's Soups (different varieties of chicken noodle), $1.00 each--used (2) $.40/3 HERE and (1) $.40/2 from inserts

Total amount BEFORE coupons :: $36.21

Total amount AFTER coupons :: $25.42

**There you have it!  My first coupon trip of 2013.  Definitely not the best savings ever--not even close.  But at least it's a step back in the right direction and hopefully this will help you all to see that not every shopping trip is going to be a 75% savings or more!  As long as you are buying items you will use at cheaper prices than you can get them without the coupons you're moving in the right direction.  As your stockpile builds, you'll be able to start buying products when the price is at the very lowest, but in the meantime, you can take advantage of any savings you can!

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