Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today's Nichols Shopping Trip :: 72% Savings!

This morning the girls and I ran into Nichols for a few items again!  I was pretty excited about this trip, so I thought I'd share the details!

(1) Huggies Wipes, $2.89--used $1/1 previously available = $.89

(2) Old Orchard Juice, $1.59--used $1/2 previously available= $.59 each

(1) Sunkist 10--$1.09--used $.75 from inserts = FREE

(2) Hefty Foam Plates, $2.00 each--used $1/2 previously available = $1.00 each

(1) Hefty Trash Bags, $8.59--price matched to Family Dollar for $4.50--used $1/1 from inserts = $2.50

(1) Post Honey Bunches of Oats, $2.99--used FREE coupon from mailer = FREE

(1) Yakisoba Noodles, $1.09--used $.50/1 from inserts = $.09

(1) Oreo Double Stuf Cookies, $2.99--used $1/1 from inserts = $.99

(1) Edge Shave Gel, $2.59--used $1/1 from inserts = $.59

(1) Dial Coconut Water Body Wash, $4.45--used FREE coupon from mail = FREE

Total amount BEFORE coupons and price matching = $35.93

Total amount AFTER coupons and price matching = $10.16  

*That's almost the same amount I would have paid if I had ONLY bought the trash bags at regular price with tax and used no coupons!!

Savings of over 72%!!

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