Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today's Walgreens Trip :: $71 Worth of Product for $8!

The girls and I ran into Walgreens for  a quick trip before church this morning, and let me just say it was a rather frustrating trip.  One of my coupons wouldn't work, two of my RR didn't print and they wouldn't let me use my $5 BR with the transaction that I wanted.  We all have those frustrating trips, but I stayed calm, asked to speak to the manager and got most of it smoothed out. I say all of that to say, my shopping trip post would be rather confusing if I broke it up into the three transactions I did and then had to include my returns and money received back due to their errors.  Instead, I'm just going to post what I got and what the final price was for all of it.....I'll include the coupons I used and still show you my savings percentage.  It just won't be broken up into the separate transactions.  

Here's what I bought:

(6) Purex Laundry Detergents, $5.79--on sale Buy 1, Get 2 FREE--used $1/1 previously available = $.93 each

(4) Hefty Storage Bags, $3.49--on sale Buy 1, Get 1 FREE--used $1/2 HERE = $1.25 each

(2) Reach 2 pack Toothbrushes, $2.99--used $2/1 HERE = $.99, plus receive $2 RR each

(2) Ada Newspapers, $1.25 each

Total amount BEFORE coupons and rewards = $71.62

Total amount AFTER coupons and rewards = $8.18 (I used all coupons listed above, plus $5 Balance Rewards and one of my $2 RR received, that's how I got my total down so low)

All in all, I had a 89% savings and got a lot of product for $8.  I'm satisfied with that even though the transactions didn't go as planned.

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