Monday, June 9, 2014

Voice of the Martyrs :: Persecution of Christians--How You Can Help

Did you know that all over the world there are Christians being persecuted for their faith?  We take "being a Christian" for granted here in the United States.  Currently Voice of the Martyrs has 18 prisoners listed on their website.  I read through several of them just now, for the first time.  It saddens me to think about the level of persecution these people and their families are going through.  It's unimaginable.  

Voice of the Martyrs is a wonderful organization where you can learn about this persecution, but you can also help.  You can send donations, money or even write letters to the prisoners letting them know you are praying for them.  I imagine some encouraging words from fellow Christians would mean a lot to these people who are stuck in prisons because they refuse to deny Christ.  Take five minutes today to write a short letter to a few of these prisoners letting them know you'll pray for them.....and then commit to praying for them on a daily basis! 

I just wrote a letter to Meriam Ibrahim, the lady in a Sudanese prison who is sentenced to death for being a Christian and marrying a Christian man.  She had a baby on May 27 in prison and, according to her sentence, she will be allowed to nurse him for 2 years before the death sentence will be carried out.  Let's pray something changes for this sweet Christian woman!  

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