Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's Nichols Shopping Trip :: Meat for 15 Meals for ONLY $68.51!

This morning we went to the Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh veggies! Yum!  And then headed on to Nichols for a few more items.  As you can tell from the picture, I bought a LOT of meat!  In fact, it should be enough for about 15 meals for our family!  Here are the details:

(2) Quilted Northern 12 Double Rolls, regular price $8.99--price matched to Dollar General for $5.95--used $1/1 HERE and $.75/1 HERE = $3.95 and $4.45 

(1) Land O'Frost Premium Lunch Meat, $2.99--used $.75/1 from inserts = $1.49

(4) Libby's Green Beans, $.79 each--used $1/4 previously available = $.29 each

(1) Kraft Italian Dressing, regular price $2.69--price matched to Dollar General for $2--used $.75/1 HERE = $.50

(1) Birds Eye Recipe Ready, $1.99--used $1/1 previously available = FREE

(2) John Morrell Bacon, $2.99--used $1/2 HERE = $1.99 each

10lb roll of Ground Beef (enough for about 10 meals for my family) = $19.26

(1) Package of Chicken Breasts = $3.08

(1) Package of Chicken Breasts = $3.53

(1) Pork Ribs, 6lbs (enough for about three meals for my family) = $14.27

Red Delicious Apples, $.79/lb = $2.05
Plums, $1.79/lb = $1.70
Peaches, $1.99/lb = $2.69

That's a LOT of meat!  In fact, it should be enough to feed our family about 15 meals!  

My total amount BEFORE coupons and price matching would have been :: $87:78

Total amount AFTER coupons and price matching :: $68.51!

That's not as big of a savings percentage as sometimes, but LOOK at ALL THAT MEAT!  ;)  I'm happy with the amount spent.  Especially since it will be meat for 15 meals.  All I have to do is add veggies (which I have on hand) and I'll have several meals paid for---on the cheap!  

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