Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today's Walmart Trip :: How I Use Cash Back Apps to Save Money on Groceries!

This morning I decided to run to Walmart to test out a few of our "cash-back," "rebate" apps.  I have been using ibotta and checkout 51 for awhile, but I recently downloaded Shopmium (use referral code: YFKECAWX to get a FREE Lindt candbar!) and SavingStar as well.  So, for those of you who like to shop at Walmart, here's an example of how you CAN save money by shopping there.  Note:  It could have been an even better shopping trip, but I had already redeemed my rebates on bananas, milk and bread on a previous day so couldn't include them in this post!

Here's what I bought:

(5) Yoplait Greek Yogurt (4 were the 100 calorie variety, 1 was regular)--These were $1.00 each.
I used a $1/5 Yoplait coupon from the newspaper inserts and then also submitted them for two rebates.

SavingStar had a $1 rebate for buying (5) Yoplait Greek Yogurt (any variety) and ibotta had a $1 rebate for buying (1) Yoplait Greek Yogurt (excluding 100 calorie--which is why I bought one regular) = $.40 each 

(1) Chobani Greek Yogurt (100 calorie was the only variety included in the rebate)--This was $1.18.  

Shopmium (use referral code: YFKECAWX to get a FREE Lindt candbar!) had a $.30 rebate for buying (1) = $.88

(1) Carmex--This was $.98

Checkout 51 had a $.30 rebate for buying (1) = $.68

(3) Hunt's Diced Tomatoes, $.98 each

ibotta had a $1 rebate for buying three cans = $.64 each (cheaper than the great value brand) 

My total amount BEFORE the coupon and cash back apps was $11.05.

However, I used $1 coupon to bring my total down to $10.05 out of pocket.  Then I scanned in my products and receipts and received $4.60 worth of rebates from the different apps!  I even received a bonus $1 rebate for meeting my team goal on ibotta!

That means I only paid $5.45 for everything above!  That's a great price--especially for all that Greek Yogurt and I eat that stuff all the time!!  :)

In fact, I had another $8.00 in my ibotta app and $8.81 in my Checkout 51 app BEFORE shopping today, so I should be able to cash in on over $20 worth of rebates soon!  

If you haven't started using any apps to save you money, I highly recommend that you do if you have a smart phone!  It's a great way to save a little extra money on things you're buying anyway.

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