Thursday, July 31, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils :: Special Sign Up Offer!

If you have been hearing about Young Living essential oils, wondering if they really work, and wondering if you should go ahead and sign up, I’m here to say YES!

I have read so many testimonies and have so many friends and family members who I trust who have begun using these so I started researching them for myself!
Here are a few of the things I found out:
·         Young Living essential oils are guaranteed 100% pure. Even though the oils from the health food store might say “100% pure,” since they are not regulated by the FDA, they can include synthetic fillers or even pesticides. They could even contain only 5% of the actual essential oil.
·         Young Living can guarantee their products because they are grown, harvested, and cold pressed on their own farms which preserves the integrity and potency of natural essential oils.
·         Because Young Living has its hand directly and actively in every step of the process, from seed to seal, they have the unique ability to verify perfection at every step of our process.

Once I decided to go ahead and purchase, I wanted to figure out the best way to sign up and get the most for my money—I do try to be frugal, you know! J   I knew I wanted to start with a set of basic oils that I would be able to use for most every day, common ailments.
What I found was The Premium Starter Kit is the perfect place to begin with Young Living.

The Premium Starter Kit has a value of roughly $300, and is the best value by far. It has all the basic, most commonly used oils for treating a myriad of symptoms. Here is everything that comes in the Premium Starter Kit:
·         11 oils and oil blends to get you started
·         2 sample packets each of lavender, peppermint, peace and calming, lemon, and thieves to carry in your purse or give away
·         2 packets of NingXia Red
·         1 home diffuser

It’s like having a medicine cabinet at your finger tips. A healthy, natural medicine cabinet.

Here are a just a few uses for the 11 oils and oil blends you’ll receive with your kit:
·         headache
·         sunburn
·         sinus pressure
·         muscle aches
·         menstrual cramps
·         bug bites
·         sore throat
·         anxiety
·         colds & flu
·         viruses
·         strep throat
·         fever
·         allergies
·         and so much more!!

Now, I know $150 is a lot to spend. It was for me too! It’s definitely not a purchase I just made on a whim.  I do believe it is worth it though!  Every penny!
So, for those of you ordering the Premium Starter Kit, I would like to gift you with this Essential Oils Pocket Reference (valued at $25).  My mother-in-law purchased a reference book for me and it is a wealth of information! This reference will show you what each and every oil is good for. You can even look up symptoms to see which oils treat them.
I will also add anyone who sign up to some special facebook groups with hundreds of other Young Living members who can help answer questions for you!  I love reading these posts and having support and help answering questions!
Here’s how to join Young Living:
2. Choose “wholesale” in the first box. This will give you a 24% discount on every purchase, plus the option (no pressure) of being a distributor yourself.

3. Make sure my sponsor id, 1942770, shows up in the “sponsor” and “enroller” spots.
4. Fill out your personal info, including your email so we can keep in touch, and choose a username and password.
5. Don’t let the request for your social security number scare you. If you happen to sign up people with your id, Young Living will want to send you a check for that.
6. Choose the first kit listed, the Premium Starter Kit, and I’ll send you the pocket reference to you once I’m notified that you have signed up! (The book is only available for the Premium Starter Kit.)

7. The Essential Rewards are optional. Choose one of those if you like. If not, choose “no thank you.”  You can always go back and change this if you decide at a later time.  (And if you do sign up and you have questions about the Essential Rewards I’ll be happy to help you understand better)!
8. Enter your payment info.
 Thank you so much!  You’ve made a great decision towards healthy, natural living!

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