Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Princess Birthday Party Cupcakes!

As you all know----or should know, I'm a pretty frugal girl.  I don't like to pay for things that I can do myself or things that can be done nicely in a less expensive fashion.  

So, when it comes to birthday parties, I don't particularly like to pay upwards of $50 for a cake.  A cake that kids are going to eat and forget all about.  I do, however, want things to look cute and have good pictures.  So, when my six year old decided she wanted a princess party I started researching how to make a cake or cupcakes myself.  I found some ideas and combined some of them to come up with some cupcakes arranged to look like a princess dress.  She ended up loving it!  I loved it because it was very affordable and extremely easy to serve at the party, and the kids loved them, well, because they were chocolate!  :)  

I used (2) Betty Crocker cake mixes which there are often sales and coupons on, bought 3 tubs of frosting (with the sprinkles in the top of the lid) and then a couple of packages of the candy "pearls" to decorate.  All together my total amount spent was still only around $6-7.  I already had the cupcake liners because I get them free quite regularly from Nichols.  We also already had the princess crown at the house--I do have 3 little girls, you know!  

I did add some chocolate pudding mix to the batter which I already had in my pantry.  I also added some chocolate chips can never have enough chocolate, right?  

I just baked the cupcakes and then let them cool overnight.  The day of the party I arranged them in the shape of the dress and then just piped on the icing.  After that I sprinkled the sprinkles and the candy pearls to help it look a little more like a dress.

Now, I know these aren't perfect.  So, if you are a professional cake decorator don't be too harsh with my decorating skills.  But, for a six year old's birthday party, they worked wonderfully--and they fit right into our budget too!  :)

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