Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today's Walgreens Shopping Trip! $94 Worth for $32!

Last night I worked on my shopping plan for today's Walgreen's trip.  I knew I wanted to take advantage of the cheap diapers that were supposed to be 2/$12 and I also was completely out of makeup (after putting my last tiny bit on for church this morning).  We're still trying hard to stay strict on our budget so I didn't buy much more than those couple of items!  

Here are the details for you!

*Transaction 1:  

(6) Well Beginnings Diapers, marked 2/$12 but ringing up 2/$9.  I had planned to get 4 packages and use the point booster, but since they were cheaper than I originally thought I went ahead and added two more packages so I could use the 5,000 booster. These were $4.50 per package, plus I received $11 in points.  (6,000 for buying the diapers and 5,000 from the point booster in the ad).  They were $27 before points, I received $11 in Balance rewards making them just $16 total or $2.67 per package!

(1) Lipton Pure Leaf Tea, $1.00--receive $1 RR = FREE

Total amount BEFORE coupons/points = $58.46

Total amount paid out of pocket = $30.63, and received $11 in points so it's like I spent $19.63 on all of this!

*Transaction 2:

(2) Almay Foundation, $15.49 each--on sale BOGO 50% off.  Plus, I used (2) $4/1 Almay cosmetic coupons from newspaper AND $3 Almay coupon in August Savings Booklet (took off $6) = $4.62 each!

(2) Ada Newspapers, $1.25 each

Total amount BEFORE coupons/points = $35.66

Total amount AFTER coupons/points = $13.91, but I used $10 of points to pay & my $1 RR from transaction 1, so I only paid $2.91 out of pocket on this transaction!!  I also still have $1 in points left to use next time.  

So, all together at Walgreens today, I bought $94.12 worth of stuff and paid only $32.54 after all coupons and points were applied!  I'm pretty happy with that!

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