Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today's Walgreens Shopping Trip! What I Bought for 28¢!

Last night I posted my "game plan" for my Walgreens trip today.  I mentioned in that post how sometimes they don't have everything in stock that is on your list....  Well, that was painfully true this morning.  The girls and I ran into Walgreens before our morning church service.  I had 12 items on my list and they were out of 10 of them!  Needless to say, my game plan changed dramatically.

So, if you read my post last night you were probably expecting a dramatic shopping trip post coming today.  Unfortunately, you are now reading my epic fail shopping trip!  LOL  I still got a great deal, it just wasn't near as much stuff as I originally planned.

Here's what I bought:  

2 Bags of chips--yes, that is all!

Lay's Chips, on sale 2/$6 with rewards card, and then advertised BOGO in the ad.--They rang up $4.29 each before I entered my card number, then after the card it came to $3.00 each BOGO, so the total went from $8.86 down to $3.28!  I happened to have 3,000 rewards points ($3 worth) so I used those and walked out of the store with 2 bags of chips for just 28¢!  

That's a savings of 97%.  Basically, I just paid the tax!  

Now, obviously, this is not my best trip ever!  Again, they were out of pretty much everything I went in for.....which I never have understood.  It was the first day of the sale!  But, oh well.  I may try again later this week after their truck drops of some inventory!

I thought I would go ahead and share this post with you to show you that not every coupon shopping trip goes as planned!

Good luck on your shopping this week.  

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