Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's Walmart Shopping Trip :: Ibotta Rebates Galore!

Well, this morning I needed to go fulfill my Ibotta rebates!  My team (you guys) has done an awesome job and had completed the level 4 bonus of $6!  I was just waiting on my own 6 rebates in order to receive that $6!  So I had to go pick up a few things!

Here's what we bought:

(ignore the blue vase on the table....I just forgot to move it out of the way)!

(1) Gallon of milk, $4.25--submitted for $.25 Ibotta Rebate = $4.00 (no, it's not a great price, but when you have a one year old you go through a lot of milk)!

(2) 28 packs of Nestle Pure Life Water, $3.48 each--used $1/2 HERE and submitted for $1.50 Ibotta Rebate = $2.23 each

(2) Rotel, $.98----submitted for $.50 Ibotta Rebate = $.73 each

(1) Propel Water, $1.00--submitted $.50/1 Ibotta Rebate = $.50

(6) Chobani Yogurt, $1.12 (3 were regular, 3 were 100 calorie to meet the two rebate requirements)--use (3) BOGO coupons HERE and submitted for $.75 Ibotta Rebate for regular AND $.75 Ibotta Rebate for 100 calorie = $1.86 for all 6

Total amount BEFORE coupons and rebates :: $22.32

I used (1) $1 coupon and (3) BOGO coupons which equaled $1.12 each.  I also submitted for $4.25 worth of Ibotta rebates and then also received a $1.00 bonus Ibotta rebate for Chobani yogurt AND a $6 Ibotta Bonnus for completing Level 4 with my team!  That means I ended up getting $11.25 from Ibotta!

Total amount AFTER coupons and rebates :: $6.71!!  That means I saved $15.61 just by using a couple of coupons and Ibotta!  

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