Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Today's Walmart & Walgreens Shopping Trip! ONLY $3.69 Including Tax (92% Savings)!!

The month of August our family is trying to live as frugally as possible!  We had some "staycation" celebrations as well as a birthday in July where we spent a little more money than usual.  Now, we are trying to buckle down and stay within our budget--as strictly as possible.  So, I haven't been out shopping this week.  In fact, we've been eating out of our pantry and freezers--having to get a little creative.

However, this morning when my baby girl woke up I realized I only had 5 diapers left.  I knew that no matter what I was going to have to go buy diapers TODAY!  Also, she was out of baby cereal too!  So, I spent the day trying to plan the best places to go, what coupons/rebates/gift cards to use and how to do it all using as little money out of pocket as I could.....

So here is everything I got for ONLY $3.69 cash!  Yep, that's right--including tax!  $3.69 on $46.19 worth of products! I am pretty stoked about this one.  I did have a few gift cards and things that I applied so the details are in the post below:


(2) Huggies Diapers, on sale for $9 with loyalty card.  I used (2) $3/1 coupons HERE which brought my total to $13.69.  I then used 10,000 Balance Rewards (which is $10) to pay leaving my total at ONLY $3.69! 

 *Note-these are actually producing 3,000 points when purchasing $15 or more, but since I needed to use my 10,000 points to pay I did not receive those points.  When you pay using points you will not receive points.  I usually do not do this, but since I was trying to use as little cash as possible I did this time.  


(2) Ziploc Bags, $2.28 each--used $1/2 HERE and submitted for $2.50 Ibotta = $.53 each

(1) Plum Organics Mighty 4 Pouch, $1.08--used $1/1 HERE and submitted for $.50 Ibotta = $.42 MONEY MAKER!

(1) Tomato, $.17--submitted for $.25 Checkout 51 Rebate = FREE + $.08 MONEY MAKER!

(4) Minute Maid Lemonade, $1.25 each--used $1/4 HERE and submitted for the $5 giftcard HERE = FREE + $1 MONEY MAKER!

(1) Dial Body Wash, $3.97--used FREE coupon from Purex Insiders for bloggers and submitted for $1 Ibotta Rebate = FREE + $1 MONEY MAKER!

(1) Gerber Baby Cereal, $3.58--no coupon, but we had to have it!

Total amount at both stores BEFORE coupons, rebates and gift cards :: $46.19

Total amount at both stores AFTER coupons, rebates and gift cards :: $3.69!!

Walmart Breakdown:

*My total at Walmart came to $20.52 before coupons, rebates and giftcards, but I used $6.97 worth of coupons and then paid with $13.55 on a gift card (earned from the Bacon deal posted earlier).  I then received $9.25 in rebates and gift cards on my purchases making the total amount OOP still only $4.30 if I had paid cash.....but since I had the gift card, my only out of pocket expense today was the $3.69 at Walgreens!

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