Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DVD Review :: "Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day"

I was recently given the opportunity to review a "Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day" DVD.  As you all know, I have three young girls and they have always loved Peppa Pig.  I am not being compensated for this review, with the exception of the DVD we received and are able to keep.

My girls watched all 10 episodes on the DVD.  This show is not only educational, but it's funny and entertaining as well.  It teaches life lessons and the family is very kind to each other.  When I asked my girls if they liked the DVD they excitedly said: "Yes!"   I have to admit that even I enjoy Peppa Pig more than I do some other cartoons.  It holds interest and I also like the English accent!  My girls loved the DVD and enjoyed their time of entertainment.  The only negative they said was that they had already seen most of the episodes on television....which just goes to further explain their enjoyment of this show!

Here are a few details about the DVD.  Make sure to look for Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day in stores!  It would make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for that special little one!

"In Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day, everyone's favorite friend, Peppa Pig, is
ready to show preschoolers how much fun awaits this winter season. Young
viewers join Peppa and her family and friends as they build a snowman, throw
snowballs, race their sleds and much more!"

"The new release features 10 "peppasodes" that are filled with all the
kindness, laughter, and gentle life lessons that make Peppa Pig one of the
world's most beloved preschool properties."

Episodes include:

*         "Cold Winter Day"

*         "Not Very Well"

*         "Snow"

*         "Thunderstorm"

*         "The Sleepy Princess"

*         "Bedtime"

*         "Swimming"

*         "Daddy Pig's Office"

*         "Ice Skating"

*         "The Toy Cupboard"

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