Wednesday, June 22, 2016

FlipaZoo--the Toy with 2 Sides of Fun for Everyone--Blog Review

I just recently received the cutest little toy to review on the blog!  I, personally, had never heard of them.  But as soon as I opened the box my three girls were teeming with excitement!  This adorable little toy is a pillow that can flip from one animal to another with just the flip of it's material.  They knew all about them as they had seen them on television commercials.  I received the cat/mouse combination, but they are available in several other combinations including a dragon/unicorn and an elephant/tiger.  Since I received the cat/mouse one to review, I may now have to purchase two more just so all three of my girls can have know how that is.  You can't just have one of something when you have three kids.  Or at least I can't.  I don't enjoy listening to the fighting.  

Anyway, onto the review.  Overall, I think the toy is adorable and cute and is a hit with the kids.  It's very soft and looks to be made of nice quality.  It can be used as a pillow or played with as a stuffed animal or anything your child's imagination wants it to be.  It's really easy to flip the material over and transform it into a whole new animal! Just the fact that it is basically two toys in one is a really neat concept to me! It seems to be good for several ages.  My kids range from 3 to 8 (almost) and they all three love it and want it.  In fact, I've been having to keep it in my own room on my bed just to keep from hearing the arguing.  Look for them in Walmart stores in July....I know I'll be looking for two more of them!  Ha!

I hope your kiddos love the FlipaZoo as much as mine are!

"The must-have snuggable, huggable animal pals magically transform from one animal to another and then back again – making every FlipaZoo twice as nice. With the new line’s patented one-of-a-kind “easy flip” designs, little ones can simply hold their favorite two-sided FlipaZoo friend, “flip” its soft back, and instantly reveal a totally new FlipaZoo!

The adorable new FlipaZoo collection features more than a dozen stand-out characters – including the clever Cat/Mouse, mystical Unicorn/Dragon, and fiercely-fun Elephant/Tiger.

The new FlipaZoo assortment will pounce exclusively into Walmart stores nationwide this July."

I recently received the toy pictured above in return for a review on my blog.  No money was exchanged.  All opinions and views are my true opinion.  

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