Monday, January 9, 2017

Inexpensive & Easy Wreath Using Supplies from Dollar Tree

Now, I don't claim to be a crafty person--I've never thought of myself as crafty.  But, we recently moved and when we did I threw away my old wreath for the front door because it was so faded from the sun.  I went all through the holiday season without one, but today I thought it was time to go ahead and get a new wreath.  Since, I'm frugal, I'm not up for paying $35-$75 for a wreath that can easily be made at home.  

So, my three girls and I took a break for a few minutes from school for a field trip to the Dollar Tree! We went in for a few quick minutes and spent $13 on a few supplies.  I bought a 14" metal wreath form, 10 packages of burlap ribbon (9ft each), and a couple of little flower decorations.  

My goal was for this wreath to be an "all-year-round" decoration so I went with neutral colors and I love the burlap look anyway!  

Once we got home, I was anxious to get started.  I took the burlap ribbon and cut it into 24" strips.  Each package of ribbon made about 4 equal size strips.  So I ended up with 40 strips of burlap ribbon.  (By the way, this ribbon is just plain ribbon...the 2 inch size).  Then I just started tying the ribbons around the wire frame in you're tying your shoes.  Continue tying the ribbons onto the frame until you've gotten the entire frame covered.  Once you've tied all of your ribbon, you'll need to go around and "fluff" it.  Just go back to each bow and spread it out, making it look more, um, poofy!  Once you've done that, you've basically got your wreath!

After you have your wreath made, grab your flowers or whatever decoration you have chosen and secure it to the wreath.  I secured the flowers together with some floral wire I had and I also secured it to the back of the wreath.  I also had a letter "V" that I had removed from our old wreath when I threw it away.  So, I popped out the ole' hot glue gun and glued that sucker on!  

So, $13 at the Dollar Tree for a few supplies, about an hour (if that) of time spent tying and gluing and wahla!  You have a beautiful wreath at a fraction of the cost.  

Supplies Needed:

14" metal wreath form
10 packages of burlap ribbon (or ribbon of choice)--approximately 90 ft. is needed to complete the project
floral or other type of decorations

You will also need some floral wire, glue gun and a few spare minutes.  


Cut, ribbon into 24 inch strips.  You should end up with about 40 equal length strips.  Begin tying the ribbon around the metal wreath form in you're tying your shoes.  Tie all ribbons on until the wreath is covered.  Go around and "fluff" the wreath by spreading out the bows.  Secure your flowers/decorations with floral wire or hot glue.   Hang on your door and enjoy!  :)

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