Monday, January 2, 2017

Our Daily Schedule and Homeschool Schedule

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, one thing I want to do this year is expand my blog into more than just a "coupon" blog. I want to share more of our real life. Part of that will be my journey to minimalism, my Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, our homeschooling antics, and even more.

Tonight I want to share a small peek into our homeschool life. I am currently teaching our oldest daughter (H1) who is 8 years old and in 3rd grade and also our middle daughter (H2) who is 6 years old and in Kindergarten. Our 3 year old (H3) is what I call the class clown...or "distraction!" We use Heart of Dakota Curriculum and are currently working through Bigger Hearts for His Glory with my oldest and Little Hearts for His Glory with my middle. We use Math-U-See as our math curriculum.

I'll talk more about our curriculum choices and all the books we use in a later post. Tonight, I just wanted to share how our daily schedule works. I'm a pretty organized, planned-out, girl. It's very hard for me to be spontaneous. So, as my Type A personality demands, I am a slave to making lists, calendars, schedules and on and on. Haha!

Because we are busy and I try to fit a lot into a day, it requires that I am organized and try to stick to the routine. Plus, life just goes so much more smoothly when we are in our routine. My girls act better, fight less and I'm in a better mood when things are going smoothly.

Since we moved in November our schedule has been crazy! I've not done a good job at all with my workouts, eating or much else. Starting tomorrow, we are back to the grind. Workouts, eating healthy, homeschool, ALL start back tomorrow. As you can see below, I allow plenty of time for school....basically from 9am until 2pm-3pm depending on the day. We are normally finished way before then, and if that's the case then it just means we can finish the other stuff on our list early, have more free time, run errands or just have fun!

Daily Schedule: 

(if you click on it, it gets bigger so you can actually see it!)

As far as our school goes, I also like to have an order/schedule. There are no set times to the subjects, but I just try to alternate them so that one does more independent work while the other is doing something that I need to help them with. Also so neither of them need the computer at the same time. When one of them finishes the subject they are working on, they simply go down to the next subject on their list.

School Schedule:

(if you click on it, it gets bigger so you can actually see it!)

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