Monday, January 29, 2018

Instant Pot Spaghetti & Meatballs (THM S, Low carb)

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Being on the Trim Healthy Mama plan involves a lot of healthy, protein-based meals full of veggies.  Every once in awhile, though, a girl needs some pasta, right?  The THM plan allows for the use of Dreamfields Pasta because it metabolizes the carbs in a different way and doesn't raise your blood sugar like regular pasta.  Now, if you're a purist THM you probably shriek at the thought of using a convenience food such as these.  I, however, am what they call a "Drive-thru Sue."  I find it easier to stay on plan when I allow myself the use of some of these convenience, grab and go, foods.  

I received an instant pot for Christmas and am still learning to use it.  I've seen a lot of posts of people cooking spaghetti in the pot, and I thought: "Why not try a THM version?"  So, I decided to give it a shot.  And if you're wondering about cooking the dreamfields in the instant pot, I researched it on the THM official group page and found that since the Dreamfield pasta is already a personal choice item, it would just also be a personal choice on whether to cook it in the instant pot rather than per the directions on the box. 

Now, before we get to the recipe.  Let me just say, that this was a hit for my entire family.  All three of my girls, my husband and myself thought this tasted absolutely delicious!  And as far as convenience goes, it was super easy; just what the instant pot was created for.  

Instant Pot Spaghetti--THM S


  • 1 bag of frozen meatballs
  • 1 box of Dreamfields spaghetti
  • 1 jar of on plan sauce
  • 1-1 1/2 cups of chicken broth
  • Italian seasoning (optional)
  • Garlic powder (optional)


  • Place frozen meatballs (prepackaged from frozen food section) in the bottom of the pot.
  • Put in uncooked spaghetti. I broke in half to fit the pot. Then layered it. Went a handful across one way, then another the other direction. 
  • Pour in part of the jar of pasta sauce right on top of the spaghetti. Then added Italian seasoning and garlic powder to the jar and shake it up to mix it.  Then pour the remainder of the sauce right on top of the rest of the sauce in the middle. 
  • Filled the pasta sauce jar with chicken stock. Pour it around the edges of the sauce. 
  • Then close the lid. Set Pressure Cook for 11 mins. 
  • Quick Release when it beeps!

Actual total cook time was about 30 overall when you include the time it takes the pot to come to pressure.

Pretty basic, I know, but it tasted really good and it was so easy and convenient.  It's a new favorite for those busy nights when I teach piano until late in the evening. 

Make sure if you are following THM that you *try* to keep your serving of Dreamfields to one cup or less.  That's hard to do, but keeps it within the numbers to be an S meal.  Serve with a healthy serving of non starchy veggies or a big salad!  

**Dreamfields, when cooked on the stove, says to cook for 8 or 9 minutes depending on the variety.  When cooking in the instant pot, it takes a few extra minutes to get it done.  When cooked in the instant pot for 8-9 minutes the spaghetti was still quite hard and not done enough to eat.  If you are worried about this method adversely affecting your blood sugar, you may continue to cook on the stove.  I haven't noticed a difference, myself.  These are only eaten once in awhile anyway, definitely not something you would want to have too often and still lose weight.

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