DIY Projects That Will Save You Money!

Dollar Tree Wreath--Make your own wreath for a fraction of the cost of buying one!

Laundry Soap--Make your own laundry soap for around $9.00 a year!

Fabric Softener--Use this common household item as your softener to save you $$$!

Baby Food--Great way to save money & feed your baby healthy food!

Bathroom Cleaner--Tired of those harsh chemicals?  Try this frugal cleaner you probably already have around the house!

Air Freshener--This easy recipe submitted by a reader is sure to make your house smell clean and fresh!  I love the smell of citrus!

Dishwasher Detergent--Simple recipe using the same ingredients (almost) as the laundry soap!

Baby Wipes-- Super frugal idea with ingredients you probably already have on hand!